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"I am the bridge between what is and what will be"


Become a Foster Parent

Foster parents are one of the most valuable resources at CLAWS.  They make an enormous difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens.  Simply put we could not do our work without them.

It is important, valuable work and, best of all, it saves lives.


By being a pet foster parent, you provide a temporary home for an animal prior to adoption or a

long-term home to a senior or special needs cat.


Fostering animals is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless pets.



CLAWS provides support, medical care, and basic supplies. 


Foster parents provide the priceless gifts of love and a safe home.

Why does CLAWS need Foster Homes?


  • Some animals don’t do well in a shelter environment because they are frightened or need a little extra care.

  • Many kitties need TLC a shelter setting just can’t give them: bottle babies, pregnant kitties, sick kitties, sick pregnant kitties, kitties recovering from an injury or surgery and kitties who need help with behavior problems.

  • Senior cats receive the comfort and love of a home in their golden years.

  • Cats with chronic medical conditions are given a chance to live outside an isolation cage and get to experience a real home.

  • Foster parents help the shelter or adoption staff learn more about a cat so they can end up in the best home possible.

  • Foster care socializes the cat to a home environment getting them used to being around other pets and different types of people.


Why should I be Foster Parent?

  • You get to add “hero” to your resume. You can rightfully brag that you’re a bona fide life-saving hero.

  • When you invite a homeless kitty into your home, it opens up a cage allowing the shelter to rescue in another needy cat. Two lives for the price of one.

  • It’s more flexible than volunteer jobs that require you to show up at a specific time for a certain number of hours.

  • It’s a great way to enjoy a pet if you are not in a position to make that lifetime commitment right now.

  • Taking animals into your home, loving them, and then letting them go requires a special kind of person

How do I become a Foster Parent?


  • Read through some of the resources below to help you make your decision

  • If you have questions please call the shelter or speak with a volunteer at adoption and community events.

  • Print and complete Foster Parent application

  • Schedule an appointment to conduct an intake and get added to our database



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