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Volunteer for CLAWS

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Shelter Cat Care

Shelter Cat Care Volunteers care for adoptable cats at our shelter and at our partner sites. They feed and water cats, clean cages, dishes, litter boxes, and they provide playtime, grooming, and socialization for the cats. It is the best way to get your kitty fix and the cats are always happy to see you. 


To get a better idea of the fun we have take time to visit the Shelter Shenanigans page to meet our residents and experience their unique personalities.

Many of our cats are lifetime residents and the shelter volunteers become their family. Having great volunteers allows CLAWS to meet the unique needs of each of our residents and allows us to make them each feel special, loved and valued.


Office Assistants

Office Assistants help out in every department with various duties and projects. From filing to data entry; making adoption packets to mailing thank you letters; to answering phones, our Office Assistant Volunteers do it all! As an added benefit there are always adoptable office cats to cuddle with while you work. 

We are also in need of clerical assistance outside the office to include Grant Writing, Social Media, and Fundraising.


Adoption Coordinators


Adoptions Coordinators help find loving, permanent homes for the shelter cats by working with adopters at our shelter or at offsite adoption events. Help is needed with event setup, cat handling, adoption counseling and post-adoption follow-up.  The mission of CLAWS is to find the perfect forever home for each of our cats and this all starts with adoptions. 


Adoption Coordinators are the bridge between life at the shelter

and a loving home.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Volunteers improve the lives of animals and people in our community by getting the word out about our great services. Community Outreach volunteers also help run supply drives and events. Responsibilities can include posting fliers, helping with graphic design, taking photographs, or working at an outreach table.

CLAWS also works to remove cats from high-kill shelters and harms way during natural disasters.  This requires transport and volunteers are always needed for this.


We are always looking for new ways to help the cats.  If you have a special skill, a calling, or a fundraising idea we welcome your participation.  Our family of volunteers is always looking for new members and we are sure we can find just the right place or project for you. 


Our kitties will be ready to reward you with unlimited snuggles and purrs.


Call us or stop by during shelter hours to visit with us about volunteering.




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