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Lost and Found


We understand the urgency and panic you experience when your beloved pet is missing.


At times CLAWS does receive cats that are not owner surrenders or agency transfers.


In order to make it easier for you to contact CLAWS about your missing pet we have created a Lost Cat Report that you can fill out directly on our site. This allows us to share your information between our buildings, with our shelter staff, our partners, and on our Facebook site.  

As a volunteer run shelter, we do not have the staff necessary for our shelter to be open to the public as frequently as we would like. We will however be happy make an appointment with you if you feel you cat may be at our shelter and we can work with you to get your own flyer posted and distributed.

When a cat has been found to be medically ready for adoption and/or they have passed the stray hold period they are posted on our adoptable cats page. There is a direct link below and we encourage you to look there as well. If you think one of these cats may be yours please contact us and we can speak with you about them.


Here are more things you can do to find your lost pet:

  • Check other websites such as, and the Colorado Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

  • Notify friends and neighbors that your pet is lost.

  • Contact veterinary practices in your area.

  • Check “found” ads and take out a “lost” ad in newspapers.

  • If your pet has been missing for more than 5 days, check pets available for adoption at local shelters.

  • Leave an item of your clothing, your pet’s bedding or toys, or cat’s litter box outside to help guide your pet back home.

If your pet has a microchip ID, contact the registry to verify that your address and phone number are up-to-date in their records. You should also contact the organization or county where you licensed your pet to make sure they have your updated contact information.

Below are some more helpful links:

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