Meeting our Cats


Our cats are housed at the physical shelter, in foster homes, and at local retailers.  This allows us to meet the individual physical and emotional needs of the cat.  A great way to meet the cats is during adoption events but not all cats do well in that environment. 


If you would like to meet a cat who is in Foster Care or at the Shelter please call us or contact us and we will be happy to set up a time for you to meet them.


  We also have cats in residence at our retail partners listed below. You can visit anytime during

their business hours.


C.L.A.W.S Shelter


2214 Sanford Drive, #A5
Grand Junction, CO 81505


Please call to set up a visit

As we are volunteer staffed please call before visiting the shelter to insure staff is available.


Phone: 970-241-3793


2500 Broadway Unit H                  225 E Aspen Ave

Grand Junction, CO 81507            Fruita, CO 81521

(970) 243-6200                              (970) 858-7700


2851 1/2 North Avenue

Grand Junction, CO 81501

(970) 245-2526


2428 Patterson Rd

Grand Junction, CO 81505

(970) 255-9305


2464 U.S. 6 and 50 Ste 128

Grand Junction, CO 81505

(970) 241-8340