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“All the love you ever gave is waiting for you there at Rainbow Bridge.” 



This page is a way for people to honor their cats or kittens that have moved on to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Every face you see here will always be remembered and cherished as someone’s very special angel.

By supporting this memorial page, you help the hundreds of cats and kittens waiting hopefully for rescue.  Your donation honors that special cat or kitten that stole your heart, but it also helps other cats and kittens find their way into someone else’s heart.

Thank you for helping us to save more cats and kittens. As you look through this page and read the words, you will once again be reminded of the tremendous bond that exists between humans and animals.

We believe in what we do. We believe in the power of a few people to change the lives of many. We believe that there will come a day when every animal is wanted and has a loving home.


In loving memory of....


Lucy was an older, black cat who was in the CLAWS shelter for many, many years. In fact, she was there the longest of all of them when we found her. From the first night she was with us she slept on my partner's pillow or in between our pillows. She always had to be with us if not touching one of us. If she needed attention when we were busy, she would start relentlessly play-fighting with one of us. She was a well-traveled cat in our truck with and without her canine sisters. And Lucy was so adaptable -- she transitioned between our summer and winter homes with ease, her litter and litter box could be changed without issue, she stayed at friends' houses and hotels easily, and she just went with the flow no matter what. She also learned to demand her afternoon outside walk daily (with leash and harness). In fact, she loved to climb on boulders! She was such a perfect cat and so lovey. I attribute a lot of her characteristics to the loving care she got over the years at CLAWS. We are heart-broken to have lost her, but so thankful we chose the best cat in the whole wide feline world and she was with us one week shy of her 6th Gotcha Day!

183ee4a7-cbca-471a-8ffd-b2b8edbf02de (1).png

"In my dreams I can still hear him purring."

With love-- Marilyn


In honor of  their sweet and handsome boy.


We adopted Rocky from the Delta CLAWS, and he was always his daddy's boy from the start. We gave him so much love, but our hearts were broken when he passed over the 🌈 Bridge after only 5 years. We will never get over the loss of him."

Erica Kitzman

In loving memory of....

Always a cat lover.

Always a support.


Snowbell, the beloved pet of Jane Robinson and Meaghan Mitchell, was a force of nature. In his 19 years of life, he brought immeasurable joy to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

OIP (7).jpg

In loving memory of....

Edward Apanel

Ed was such a great friend to so many - including his fur babies. He is missed by many. RIP our friend.

-- Janeva Marshall

OIP (7).jpg

In loving memory of....

Edward Apanel

husband of Terry Apenal

Skitty Kitty

"Skitty Kitty was a one year old petite stray cat who adopted us after I had only been here in GJ two days. She fit in with Tom and I perfectly. We will always remember her unique endearing personality traits and her sweet loving ways."


Lovingly remembered by Julie Woolman


In loving memory of....


In honor of the handsome man Cedrick

With love--Anne, Rachel and Jen

Michael L Bradford

--- Stephen & Amber

In loving memory of....


In loving memory of....

Joyce Ann Corneille

--- Joseph Farrell

Joyce was a beautiful and tender lady. She always had a kind and gentle word for everyone.                                                                                 ---Kathy Calhoun

Joyce was a blessing to know.                                                         --- Carol Stroh


In loving memory of....

Matthew Ross

In memory of the loss of his beloved kitty of 15 years.                                                                        ---Edward Groenert


In loving memory of....


--- With Love Viv Sophie and The Boys

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Cream Puff

Puff was the queen of the sink and the director of volunteers.  She would supervise the shelter cleaning and then wait for her bed to be placed at the end.  The creation, publication, and time spent developing this web site were donated in her honor.  The rainbow bridge now has a new boss.

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