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"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. ~Colette

Hire a Working Cat


CLAWS Working Cat Program places healthy cats that aren’t suitable as pets in environments where they can flourish, working alongside humans.


Such cats may, for instance, not use a litter box consistently and need access to an indoor-outdoor environment. Other cats fit for the working cat program may dislike being handled by people, and are not fit for living in a typical home.


These cats deserve a chance at a happy life, but in a typical shelter environment may be euthanized because they’re considered “unadoptable.”


The working cat program provides a happy alternative by placing the cats in barns, police stations, construction companies and other places of business that may benefit from a working-cat resident.


Potential adopters must agree to provide:

  • A warm, safe shelter like a barn or shop so cats are protected from the elements

  • Food and clean water every day

  • Medical care when necessary

  • A way to keep the cats contained for two to three weeks while they become acclimated to their new surroundings


The last requirement is important because allowing the cats to roam too soon may give them a chance to leave before they realize their new home provides shelter and regular food and water. After two to three weeks, the cats can be released to roam freely and will typically return to their new home.


 The program allows many of these “unadoptable” cats to heal and trust humans again. Once they’re given a stable environment and trust that they’re being cared for, many previously unfriendly cats may turn out to be loyal companions.


In addition to gaining a valuable new “employee,” you’ll also likely gain a priceless new friend

Visit our CAT-alogue to meet our residents seeking employment


If you are interested in hiring a Working Cat please complete the application below and/or contact the shelter


Working Cat Application

If you would like to sponsor a working cat while they seek employment please see our sponsorship page.

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