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Steve's Shelter Shinnagins

There is always a lot going on at the shelter and it is not all work.  With Steve as the ringmaster there is always funny business going on.  We invite you to take some time to get to enjoy the kitties as we do each day.
(click on image to expand)

Herbie has built his own throne to rule over the main room at the shelter.  


Always ready to play Domino was trying on new hairstyles  to impress the ladies.


Waiting for the purrrfect person to come along.


Domino never misses a chance at a good cat nap.


The kitties love all the toys  that get donated.  Steve found himself a turkey leg..just right for a turkey!!


The frat boys cat boys are all passed after the catnip party Saturday night.... They couldn't hang.... Lol (Steve.. Bandit....Goldie... Batman)


There is never a shortage of supervisors directing shelter cleaning.

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