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Looking for a Chief Cat who's as cuddly as they are capable? Look no further than Blackberry! Don't be fooled by his sleek black fur and mesmerizing eyes - beneath that glamorous exterior lies a heart of gold that purrs all day long. Blackberry may be a charmer, but his reign will be all about making the shelter a haven for all.

Blackberry believes in:

  • Cozy corners for every cat! Blackberry will create designated cuddle zones with comfy beds and blankets to ensure every feline friend feels safe and loved.

  • Purr-sonalized attention for all. No cat gets left behind! Blackberry will ensure playtime, treats, and ear scratches are distributed fairly.

  • Stress-free introductions. Making new friends can be scary! Blackberry will implement gentle procedures to help cats adjust to shelter life.

  • Blackberry's a softie at heart! Don't let his sleek sophisticated looks fool you. A gentle head boop is all it takes to unleash his playful side.

  • Friendship, not furballs! No more hissing and swatting, just a purr-fectly peaceful shelter environment.

  • Sunbeams for all! Every cat deserves a chance to bask in the warmth and chase dust bunnies.

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Vote Blackberry for Chief Cat: Because a cuddle is worth a thousand purrs!

Blackberry's got the looks, but his heart is the real prize! Vote Blackberry for Chief Cat: Because a loving heart is the purrfect accessory!

Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please add Blackberry's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  

P.S. Blackberry loves a good feather toy! Visit the shelter and see this captivating cat in action!


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