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Your Catadents At A Whisker:

Who are the Catadents running? Each cat is very different and has their own platform or beliefs. Each of the cats would like you to know a little something about them. Please check out their pages for more information and as the campaign progresses they will be posting more details.


Aspen The Pawsome Contender with a Kind Heart! Kindness matters! Running on the love matters platform.

Blackberry The Sweetest Shadow with a Leader's Soul! Vote Blackberry for Chief Cat: Because a cuddle is worth a thousand purrs! Running on the cuddly platform.

Bolt High energy catadent. He will get things done! He is just running, and running, and running……

Bonded Pair- Nash & Sebastian! Running in the bonded platform, these two are proof that love comes in pairs.

Booberry for President: No sass from this classy cat! Is your house overrun by boring beige? Do you yearn for a leader with a little oomph? Then look no further than Booberry!

Brother is always keeping it chill.  No drama lama in this cool cat. He’s a leader that speaks the people’s meow. Because sometimes, you just gotta vote for the dude who gets it.

Griffin believes every cat deserves: A chance to chase their tail (or that elusive red dot). Enough playtime to keep those zoomies at bay. A safe and comfy place to nap after a long day of playing.

Heidi the CLAWS Conspiracy Cat! Don't let her grumpy look fool you, Heidi knows what's going on around here! This discerning kitty is running for Chief Cat on the "Clawspiracy Theory Party" platform.

Hibiscus believes that every cat deserves a safe and loving place to blossom, even the wallflowers. Quiet playtime and gentle cuddles are essential for shy kitties. More comfy hiding spots for cats who need a little me-time.

Jennifer the Wise Woman of CLAWS! Experience matters! That's why Jennifer, our distinguished senior cat, is running for Chief Cat on the Elder Cat Caucus ticket Don't let her age fool you, Jennifer is full of wisdom and purr-fectly suited to lead CLAWS.

Manicotti is a hard-working and dedicated cat who takes his job very seriously. He’s always on the lookout for messes and loves a good mopping session. Don’t let his official title fool you, though – Manicotti is also a cuddly and playful companion who will bring joy to the job.

Mimi is the full-figured Feline Candidate! Looking for a leader who loves all cats, no matter their size? Then vote for Mimi, the purr-fectly plump cat running for Chief Cat on the "Full Figure Feline" platform.

Patron The No-Nonsense Cat Who Gets Results! Platform: Strong leadership, fair treatment for all cats, and zero tolerance for fancy frills. Slogan: "CLAWS needs a leader, not a lounging figurehead!"

Peep has youth and enthusiasm and she will bring a fresh perspective to the shelter. Playful personality: She could help boost morale at CLAWS Strong work ethic: She is active and playful which could translate well to a leadership role. Running on the youth for office platform.

Scarlet the Sweetest Southern Belle You’ll Ever Meet. She is a true Southern lady. When a certain cat is demanding and rude, she will just simply say, “Why bless her heart, isn’t that nice.” Her manners are impeccable, and her purr has a gentle drawl that will melt your heart.

Squish is running on the Alliance of Disabled Cats platform, because every cat deserves equal rights, no matter their abilities. I might be one-eyed, but I have a clear vision for the future! Special needs kitties deserve special treatment!

Toffee for Chief Cat: The Face of CLAWS! (Literally!) Toffee may smother you with affection, but that's just his way of showing he cares! Vote Toffee for Chief Cat: Because every cat deserves a champion who will cuddle them silly!

Tonya is a Sweet Second Chance! Believes that all cats deserve a second chance, especially teen mothers in need. While she has been through a lot and suffers from CTSD, she will fight for all cats in need to find

Truffle The Sunbeam-Snuggling Supervisor! Elect Truffle, the adventurous sunshine seeker is promising ample window perches for sunbeam naps. Every cat deserves a chance to soak up the warm sunshine!

Fancy Pants: The Reigning Queen Makes Her Case! CLAWS is purrfectly fine under my paw-derful leadership. For years, I, Fancy Pants, have graced this shelter with my regal presence. I am the official spokescat, the purr-fect greeter, and the undisputed ruler of CLAWS. My reign has brought you treats (occasionally), chin scratches (on my terms, of course), and most importantly, stability. I offer you the CLAWS you have come to expect and love. Let’s not change things, shall we?


Please be sure to vote for your favorite catadent!

Donate today: and please add the name of the cat you are voting for in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  



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