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Is the shelter stuck in a rut? Does the current administration lack the zoomies to get things done? Looking for a leader who's always on the move and never gives up?

Then elect Bolt, the high-energy contender with a purr-petual motor, for Chief Cat! This zippy feline is a tireless worker who will chase after every issue with the same enthusiasm he chases after laser pointers. He isn't afraid to put in the legwork (or should we say, the pawwork?) to get the job done.

Bolt believes in:

  • Endless playtime and enrichment activities! A bored cat is a destructive cat, and Bolt promises to keep the claws busy with stimulating fun. Endless playtime for all cats! From feathery toys to laser pointers, Bolt promises to keep every cat at CLAWS entertained

  • Plenty of climbing structures and scratching posts. A tired cat is a happy cat, and Bolt knows how to wear them out (in a good way)!

  • Efficient treat distribution and a never-ending supply of catnip! Fueling those zoomies is essential for peak performance!

  • Regular checkups and top-notch veterinary care for all CLAWS cats! A healthy cat is a happy cat, and Bolt will make sure every kitty gets the purr-fect care.

  • Bolt may not walk, he runs! But his dedication and boundless energy are exactly what CLAWS needs! Bolt may be a ball of fur with a motor that never stops, but his heart is in the right place!

Vote Bolt for Chief Cat: Because a tireless leader gets results!

Let's make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please add Bolt's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  

P.S. Bolt may have a short attention span, but a dangling string toy or a feathery lure is guaranteed to get his attention (and maybe a chin scratch or two). Visit the shelter and meet this energetic cat!


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