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Don't let her grumpy look fool you, Heidi knows what's going on around here! This discerning kitty is running for Chief Cat on the "Clawspiracy Theory Party" platform. She is keeping it real  as the truth-teller.

Heidi believes:

  • Someone (cough, cough, Fancy Pants) is NOT who they seem! A thorough investigation is needed. Fancy Pants' reign of luxury must be investigated! Is she really a legal Colorado cat? What about those rumors of fishy bribes? Just what is in that suspiciously fluffy bed of hers? Heidi will get to the bottom of it!

  • Every cat has the right to healthy skepticism. Just because the kibble looks good doesn't mean it is! Every cat deserves a fair share of the good stuff, no meow-sterious backroom deals!

  • Transparency is key! The fishy business at CLAWS needs to come to light. Under Heidi's leadership, every catnip stash will be exposed... maybe.

  • The treat shipments are mysteriously disappearing. Heidi will follow the fishy trail and expose the culprit! (Spoiler alert: it's probably Fancy Pants.)

  • There's more to the "yard time" schedule than meets the eye. Heidi will uncover the truth and make sure every cat gets their fair share of sunshine!

Heidi may not always be the purrfect picture of feline friendliness, but that's because she's too busy sniffing out the truth!

Vote Heidi for Chief Cat: Because someone needs to keep it real and honest!

Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please add Heidi's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  

P.S. Heidi might not always be Miss Congeniality, but a good ear scratch behind the ears might just loosen her up. Heidi might not always purr on command, but a sincere conversation about her theories might just win you over (and maybe a chin scratch or two). Stop by the shelter and say hello to this delightfully suspicious cat!


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