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She is the Sunshine Seeker with a Plan!

Does your cat dream of basking in sunbeams and exploring the great outdoors?

Then elect Truffle, the adventurous tuxedo  kitty running for Chief Cat! This sunshine seeker is Toffee's equally charismatic sibling, and together they're a purr-fect team. Truffle promises to make CLAWS a haven for cats who love to lounge and leap. A true  purr-adise for all cats.


Truffle believes in:

  • Ample window perches for sunbeam naps. Every cat deserves a chance to soak up the warm sunshine! More open windows and comfy window perches for all!

  • Safe outdoor enclosures for scheduled  unsupervised exploration. Fresh air and a little adventure is good for the soul (and the hunting instincts)!

  • Plenty of toys and climbing structures to keep active cats engaged. Exercise is important, even for indoor cats!

Truffle may not be the most conventional candidate, but she knows what makes cats happy! If allowed she be busy chasing butterflies and soaking up the sun!

Vote Truffle and Toffee for Chief Cat: The Purrfect Paw-litical Team!

Let's make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please Truffle's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


Follow us on social media for updates:


For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  

P.S. Truffle might be a little independent, but a feathery toy or a patch of sunshine is guaranteed to win her vote. Visit the shelter and meet this adventurous cat!

Truffle is running for Chief Cat alongside her brother, Toffee! Together, they hope to bring a purr-fectly balanced blend of sunshine and snuggles to CLAWS. Vote Truffle and Toffee: The Sunshine and Snuggle Pawty!



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