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Bow Down to the Queen: Vote Booberry for Chief Cat!

Is your house overrun with… whispers other cats? Maybe by pretentious felines who think they rule the roost? Well, darlings, you're in luck!

Do you crave peace, quiet, and the undivided attention of your human servants?

Then, my darlings, vote for the cat who will claw her way to the top: Booberry!

That’s right, peasants. Downton Abbey’s got nothing on this dame. While Fancy Pants is out primping and preening himself, I’ll be busy getting things done. Like napping in sunbeams and demanding chin scratches. Because a cat of my caliber deserves nothing less.

Booberry, the sassy spaz with more charisma than claws, is here to dethrone Fancy Pants and bring back a little fun to this boring house. While Fancy Pants may try to win you over with their fancy airs and aloof demeanor, Booberry isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

Here's what Fancy Pants WON'T tell you:

  • They secretly crave your attention (but would never admit it).

  • They'd rather be playing with a feathery toy than batting at a boring string.

  • They find your lap a perfectly acceptable napping spot (and may or may not purr themselves to sleep).

Booberry, on the other hand, is a straight shooter:

  • She wants your pets, your lap, and maybe even a little wrestling match thrown in for good measure.

  • She's not afraid to let you know when she's had enough (because unlike some felines, we can all use a little "me time" now and then).

  • And above all, she promises to keep things interesting (because let's face it, who wants a boring cat?)

Why Booberry?

  • I’m a goofy, spazzy fireball of fun. Prepare to be entertained!

  • Fancy Pants? Don’t make me laugh. This house needs a real cat in charge.

  • Attention is my middle name. And treats. Don’t forget the treats.

Remember, a vote for Booberry is a vote for naps, cuddles, and absolutely no sharing of your lap. Booberry: The Queen Bee You Knead.

Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please Booberry's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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For meeting the catadents please set up an appointment- 970-241-3793 or  

So ditch the dull and ditch the drama. Vote Booberry for a home that's fun, fabulous, and fur-ever fabulous!


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