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Introducing Patron: The No-Nonsense Cat Who Gets Results!

  • Platform: Strong leadership, fair treatment for all cats, and zero tolerance for fancy frills.

  • Slogan: "CLAWS needs a leader, not a lounging figurehead!"

Who is Patron?

Patron isn't your average shelter cat. He's a two-year-old male with a fiery spirit and a heart of gold. He may have a bit of a bite, but it's because he cares. Unlike Fancy Pants, who spends her days lounging on velvet pillows, Patron believes in equality for all cats.

Why Vote For Patron?

  • He's a fighter: Patron won't back down from a fight, especially when it comes to what's right for the shelter.

  • He's a leader: Patron has the charisma and moxie to unite the cats of CLAWS.

  • He gets things done: While Fancy Pants naps, Patron will be busy improving the shelter, one feather toy at a time!

Is Patron the Purrfect Leader for CLAWS?

Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

Donate today: and please add Blue's name in the comment section. Otherwise Fancy Pants will take all the votes!


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