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Meet Manicotti, the Working Cat’s Cat


  • Occupation: Mop Bucket Inspector (MBI)*

  • Experience: 2 years (extensive knowledge of all floor types)

  • Skills: Excellent cleaning technique, keen eye for detail, unwavering work ethic.

  • Benefits: Keeps your floors sparkling clean, provides entertainment with his mopping antics, purrs on command (occasionally).

**Manicotti is a hard-working and dedicated cat who takes his job very seriously. He’s always on the lookout for messes and loves a good mopping session. Don’t let his official title fool you, though – Manicotti is also a cuddly and playful companion who will bring joy to the job.

This cat is not fluffed up princess, excuse me “Queen FP”. No, he understands the working class cat and promotes fair labor treatments (especially the treat part).

Vote Manicotti for the purrfect employee to become Chief Cat.

Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

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