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Meet Miss Scarlet, the Sweetest Southern Belle You’ll Ever Meet

A Little about her:

  • Signature Move: The Polite Paw Shake

  • Favorite Pastimes: Sipping (imaginary) mint juleps on the veranda, attending high tea parties (with herself, of course), and charming everyone she meets

Miss Scarlet is a true Southern lady. When a certain cat is demanding and rude, she will just simply say, “Why bless her heart, isn’t that nice.”

Her manners are impeccable, and her purr has a gentle drawl that will melt your heart.

Whether you’re looking for a cuddle buddy or a feline friend to share your secrets with, Miss Scarlet is the perfect companion.

She will make a purrfect leader at CLAWS by adding some of her grace and charm to the shelter.

Here are a few more reasons why Miss Scarlet is the cat for your  vote:

  • Friendly and outgoing: Miss Scarlet loves to greet everyone with a head nudge and a rumbling purr.

  • Gentle and patient: She is purrfect in any setting including around children or other pets.

  • Easygoing and adaptable: Miss Scarlet is happy to curl up on your lap or play with a feathered toy.

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Let’s make a difference, one purr at a time!

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